Largest Conference & Training for Water Industry Experts On 29th - 31st January 2019,
Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

About Conference

Conference on Clear Solution to Clean Water & Recycling on 29th – 31st January - 2019 This conference will present the experiences, accomplishments & solutions of renowned experts from all parts of India in managing difficult water & wastewater. The theme explored how water sector can best collaborate, innovate and drive continuous improvement in managing difficult water & wastewater resources through Recycling which is the way ahead. It will feature one day of Municipal Water Forum, expert presentations, leading case studies from Municipal authorities and interactive sessions with Technical experts. The second day will impart knowledge on industrial water management which will benefit water professionals engaged & involved in managing & operating the ETPs & Zero Liquid Discharge plants in end user industries like textile, power, pharma, leather, F&B, hotels, hospitals, cement, steel, chemical & other industries. This power packed program will provide a unique opportunity to network with water sector leaders, and to share knowledge on the latest trends & the best practices, innovative technologies, pioneering research and science. This conference & training is meticulously programmed to encompass the need of the hour for the water market where delegates will also develop new contacts and promising business tie-ups.

EverythingAboutWater, India's leading knowledge & marketing solutions provider since 2000, after super success of 15th EverythingAboutWater Expo 2018 & past editions of exclusive 'India Water Expo' in Chennai, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad, now proudly announces the 7th India Water Expo 2019, on 29th-31st January at Hall No. 5, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India. As the most cost effective marketing platform for key players, the India Water Expo 2019 ensures you reach your target customers from all over Maharashtra. Manufacturers specializing in water treatment, wastewater management and all other related industries can showcase and exhibit their products and expertise. Organized by EA Water Pvt Ltd, the show is the biggest water event in Western India

EverythingAboutWater has taken the initiative of creating a bridge between the players in the sector and the end users through on a single platform and helps understanding the latest developments and technologies available for Water and Waste water Management. India Water Expo offers excellent opportunities for establishing contacts, initiating joint ventures and doing business in this part of India. Expected to be visited by over 8000 focused business visitors & attended by 150 exhibitors & 500 conference delegates, this show is definitely a value added opportunity, not to be missed!!

Municipal Water Forum
  • Community Water Supply, Drinking Water and Sanitation
  • Augmentation of Water Supply, Safety & Security
  • Non revenue water, leakage and pressure management
  • Sewage and wastewater management Systems for Utilities
  • Digital future for water utilities in India, Efficient Models & smart water network
  • Smart Water Solutions for Smart Cities
Industrial Water Forum
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Problems, Trends and Solutions
  • Energy & Cost-Efficient Water and Wastewater Management
  • Innovative Solutions for Water Reuse & Recycling
  • Process Water Management, Instrumentation & Automation
  • Sustainable Green Water Infrastructure
  • Zero Liquid Discharge
  • Supported by Govt. of MWRR, & Key Govt Departments
  • Perfect business platform for buyers & sellers to network
  • Focus on product display & product launch zone
  • Assured attendance by over 500 companies from the water trade community from Maharashtra & Gujarat
  • Perfect platform to meet with key Govt Organizations, end user industries & its decision makers
  • Opportunity to present your technologies & products to focused audience & decision makers in conference
Topics to be Covered: - on 29th – 31th Jan. 2018 (Timing: 09.30 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Introduction
  • Basic understanding of waste water
  • New technologies in W&WWM, Extended Aeration, SAFF, MBBR, SBR, MBR, Nitrification & De-nitrification
  • Basic Design calculation
  • Basics of RO/UF/Evaporator/ZLD
  • RO Design exercises & calculations.
  • Ultra Filtration (UF) & Reverse osmosis (RO) Membrane treatment Plants
  • Detailed session on Treatment processes - Activated sludge process
  • Filtration, Disinfection, etc
  • Blowers, aerators, Mixers flocculation chamber, Settling devices
  • Tubular water and waste water systems and many more
  • Overview of Membrane technologies for Water Treatment
  • Designing of post- Treatment Technologies-Chlorination, Chemical Dosing calculations & Basic Engineering Aspects
  • Sizing & Engineering specifications, Capacities, MOCs etc
  • Entire system design calculations
  • Tubular water and waste water systems and many more
  • Pre-treatment including clarification
  • Upgradation of existing operating plants
  • Monitoring plant performance
This Program has many benefits, including:
  • Help Decision makers to take informed decisions for adopting the new technologies
  • Optimum & most efficient use of existing plants
  • Creation of highly-qualified and highly-trained technical and professional staff
  • Development of leadership and supervisory skills in new and current staff
  • Effective way to build a pool of Water Experts
  • Promotion of succession planning and knowledge transfer
  • Exposing new audiences to water sector careers