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Backed by its domain knowledge, highly experienced team and the support of water professional from around the globe, EverythingAboutWater is a recognised and recommended water consultant in the water sector. Reaching the right targeted customer segment and identifying the appropriate business partners are critical for any organisation. Our team of water consultants understand your customised needs and work on extensively researched reports to give results you can count on for long-term growth and profitability.

Growing in leaps and bounds, the Indian water sector is still diverse and fragmented in nature. This has continued to create the biggest challenge for players not just aiming at entering the market but also expanding their business. With over a decade old experience and exposure to the Indian water industry, the water consultants at EverythingAboutWater are second to none when it comes to understanding the industry trends. Based on the services and client segments, our water consultants work closely with national and international players new to the Indian market starting with regions they should target, the policies & regulations they would have to comply & taking it further to partner identification & competitor mapping. In all, as a water consultant, EverythingAboutWater will assist companies to not just formulate strategies but also work on the means and platforms they would be exploiting to make their mark. To expand exports in India, our water consultants bring industry representatives and potential partners to a common platform, initiate policy discussions and provide networking opportunities.

New market entrants, financial investors, technology providers and policy can capitalise on our strengths and knowledge of the market to better understand the sector and formulate strategies. What we do as a water consultant can be summarised into:

India Water Intelligence

India Water Intelligence is India's first monthly tracker on the municipal and industrial water markets, in an easy-to-read e-magazine format, keeping you updated on the latest projects and trends. read more

India Water Market Report

It is India's first ever comprehensive water and wastewater market report addressing all stakeholders - Government, funding agencies, water industry participants, end-user industries as well as industry observers and experts. more details

Dr. H20

Leading Experts in the water sector give our readers and event attendees insightful and objective advice on numerous technical and operational issues. more details

Customized Market Research

EverythingAboutWater has the capability of creating market research reports tailored to your exact needs. Our scientific research planning, backed by in-depth primary research, helps you understand the market better. more details