Ion Exchange (India) Limited
June 15, 2016
Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange (India) Ltd a pioneer in water treatment industry is today in the forefront of water and environment management, with a strong international presence. For almost five decades, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. has pioneered many path-breaking innovations in the field of technology to provide a one stop solution for industry, homes and the communities.

Taking ahead their technological innovation in water purifiers Ion Exchange has launched the world's first High Recovery water purifier under its flagship brand Zero B called the "Eco RO". The product is energy efficient and environment friendly and saves up to 70% of water. Ion Exchange's flagship brand Zero B Water Purifiers is trusted by millions of customers across the world and is preferred by most industrial and institutional customers today.

Portable water is highly polluted because of pollutantsthat are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies.Zero BECO RO water purifier eliminates such harmful elements and gives water which is 100% pure. The usualRO units includes back flushing the membrane constantly whichdrains out 75% of inlet water i.e. 6 liters wastedto get just 1 liter of pure water making wastage of water a major concern in today's scenario . Ion Exchange's R&D team spent four years to develop the new ZERO B ECO RO. It is equipped with the incredible HRR and ESS technology and eight stage purification process which reduces water wastage by 80%, Zero B Eco RO is designed to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Sharma - Chairman and Managing Director Ion Exchange (India) Ltd said, "High Recovery RO, ingeniously developed by Ion Exchange will revolutionaries the water purification market of India. Today's launch of Eco RO is a step to our commitment to develop products which are environment friendly. We intend to develop more and more products that can enhance and improve quality of life and address specific requirements of our Indian customers."

Eco RO is a superior and environmentally friendly, water purifier for home use, which lets you exercise your power to "Go Green". This unique product is an integral part of Ion Exchange's significant initiatives to augment natural and scare resources and has been launched in line with Ion Exchange (India) Ltd's commitment to building economic, environmental and social capital for the nation. Yet another addition in Zero B's wide array of differentiated water purifiers, ECO RO has been created by Ion Exchange (India) Ltd to provide consumers an opportunity to partner in the company's efforts to mitigate the adverse impact of climate change and create a positive environmental footprint.Most of the company's production facilities are certified by ISO 9001 –IS 14001 and the products are tested and certified to be USEPA by several laboratories across the world.

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