Often the original source of water is distant from the area of the desired applications. Water supply from one location to the other hence plays a critical role in all sectors including the municipal and industrial sectors. The limited availability and rising costs of water have made effective water transportation extremely important.

About 90% of the urban water supply is currently under the public sector in India. The continuation of water transportation is however, taken for granted in India like in most developed countries. This is a severe problem we face where sometimes water is only provided for limited span of time in a particular area of any city. It is estimated that about half of the population of developing countries receives water on an intermittent basis.

EverythingAboutWater through its platforms has been attempting to address issues faced during water supply. The magazines provide updates on developments in water supply systems, products and methods adopted by end-users for convenient access to water. The events aim to bring in the spot light the best practices for effective management of water transportation and reduction of cost during water supply at the same time.